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It's the sort of credit you take when different emergencies happen. There are such examples as medical bills, house maintenance, car repair, etc. Of course, each customer has his own purpose.

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Have you found yourself being in financial glitches? Don’t know what to start with to boost your financial state of affairs? Consider payday loans in Texas since it is a perfect solution for those who need fast cash and don’t want to collect tons of documents. A simple procedure of completing and approving an application does not take much time.

So, what’s so special in payday loans in Texas? Is it a secure method to borrow money? Are there any risks to appear in a debt trap? Are there any alternatives? Being informative and well-structured, this article will give you the answers to all these questions and even more. Once you read it till the very end, you will be able to make a confident decision whether fast payday loans work for you.

What are the kinds of loans in Texas?

Apart from payday loans in Texas, there is an array of loan types in Texas. Each kind has its peculiarities related to intended use and a period of repayment. Regardless of what type of loan you will opt for, you will need to pay a particular interest rate. It can vary depending of the type of financial assistance and the company you have addressed. Here are the most sought-after types of loans among users:

  • Debt Consolidation Loans serve as an ideal tool to boost your financial state of affairs. It allows you to pay off your active debts and become financially confident. A consolidation loan has fewer monthly repayments and reasonable APRs.
  • Title car loans. This is a perfect solution for vehicle owners. This kind of financial assistance implies your car will be tired to your borrowing. You may claim for a small amount of money and repay the borrowing within a certain period determined by a lender. Unless you can’t repay the debt, you should give your car to a company.
  • Personal loans are aimed to recover any personal expenditures. The applicant doesn’t need to specify the purpose while completing the form. Like payday loans in Texas, you can use personal loans to decrease the interest by transferring balances.
  • Mortgages are given only in bank to help the borrower to purchase a property. The mortgage is tied to the house/apartment you’ve purchased. This may result in losing foreclosures if you miss the payments. Compared to payday loans in Texas, this type of financial assistance has the lowest rate of interest.
  • Best online payday loans. The most widespread option among the clients. This is a short-term loan provided by direct lenders that should be fully recovered till the next payday. This type of financial help has a lot of benefits. The only shortcoming is high interest rate and possible additional charges in case of late/missed payments.

This article outlines payday loans in Texas in greater detail, so read on to discover more about this type of cash advance and all the peculiarities you should consider before signing up the borrower-lender agreement.

The benefits of payday loans in Texas

There are a lot of advantages of approaching direct lenders. Here are the most popular reasons to make the nest use from approaching lending companies in Texas.

  • The ability to get fast cash within one business day.
  • There is no need to specify the purpose of borrowing.
  • You can apply for payday loans near me and receive money even if you have a poor credit history or insufficient amount of credit scores.
  • The office lender will do the most for the borrower to get cash as soon as possible.
  • You can address any online lending company even on the move using your portable device as the majority of the services are mobile-friendly.
  • It is possible to fix your credit score/history in case of a successful repayment of payday loans in Texas.

The reasons the lender may reject your application

Those who address lending services for payday loans in Texas, most likely, will get their request 100% approved. Though, there are circumstances when the agent can deny your applications. Both beginning and returned borrowers may get the negative answer from the lender. It is rather difficult to determine why the lender rejects your request since they may not explain the reason. Yet, you can take into consideration the main reasons why the potential borrower can deny the application.

  • The potential borrower has provided unreal info
  • The borrower has delayed or missed payments on taxes, fines, utility bills
  • The applicant doesn’t have regular source of income or is unemployed
  • Lending companied don’t work with active-duty military members
  • The client has violated the regulations of previous payday loans in Texas
  • The client has poor credit rating
  • Insufficient credit scores may be the reason to deny the application
  • The bank account can’t be validated by the applicant
  • The applicant has multiple active debts

It is worth noting that some lending institutions doesn’t have cookie-cutter approaches and may make concessions. In case you provide the evidence you can afford to repay the debt, the lenders can apply your application even if your situation falls under one of the above points.

The costs of payday loans in Texas

On the world of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the typical payday loans in Texas for the 14-days term will have an additional fee of $15-$35 for every $100 the client borrows. However, the rates may vary in different companies as every lending company has its own terms and conditions.

Consequently, if you address a storefront lending company, you will need to repay an initial balance plus additional fee of $15 for every $100. For instance, if you claim $300, you will have to repay $345, in case you make a timely payment. Thus, a 14-days term cash advance costs 391% APR.

If it comes to web-based services for payday loans in Texas, the costs are more expensive. The average cost of online loan is $24 per $100 the client borrows. Hence, if you borrow $300, you will have to pay off $372. In this case, the APR can rise to an imposing 613%. In order not to find yourself in even worse financial situation, it is advisable to always make a timely payment.

If you miss or delay a payment and don’t make it on the fixed date (identified in the agreement), the lender will automatically add a new charge that will come with initial amount of money and the interest rate. Your cash advance costs will be higher if repayment is spread over a longer period. That is the reason the clients of lending offices may either improve their financial situation or make it even worse. It is better to put a dent on your everyday expenses and repay your borrowing on time rather than find yourself in a deep debt trap.

What will happen if the borrower can’t pay off payday loans in Texas?

If, for any reason, the client does not repay the payday loans in Texas, lending companies act according to this scheme:

  • Provide loyal and polite informing by phone or SMS messages about possible consequences. Often lenders make concessions and give several days to pay off the debt.
  • The lenders provide financial penalties, namely, a fixed one-time charge, and a fee for each day of delay. The sizes of these payments are indicated in the agreement between a borrower and a lender. Be careful, some companies do not notify of sanctions, and increased interest is accrued automatically after the deadline.
  • The lending service sends an official letter to the borrower’s address with a notification about the situation, in which the total debt is indicated with a breakdown of all the amounts and the requirement to pay it off.
  • The lender’s last step is to file a lawsuit. This is more an emergency measure than usual. The court proceedings themselves are not very profitable for lending companies because of the cost of expenses, the absence of a full-time lawyer, and the amount of borrowed capital (often the cost of legal proceedings exceeds the debt itself, even taking into account all penalties). So, the game is not worth the candle.

If the borrower has even minimal delays with payments of payday loans in Texas, the lending company submits this information to the credit bureau. Access to his information is available to all institutions involved in the provision of financial services. Therefore, there is a threat to spoil your financial dossier, and receive refusals in the future. So, it is highly recommended to make timely repayments.

What does the applicant need to receive a payday loan in Texas

Before approaching a lending company, take into account these essential aspects concerning payday loans in Texas:

  • The lending institutions work only with full-aged individuals who have a valid bank account.
  • The applicant should be a legal resident of the US and provide an evidence of a permanent address.
  • The lending companies don’t work with clients who have with active or recent bankruptcy or delinquent payments.
  • It is necessary to have a stable income and provide evidence that he/she has discretionary revenue sufficient to cover the debt.
  • It is advisable to have a good credit rating, but some lenders work with clients who have bad credit loan.
  • It is prohibited by low to give the payday loans in Texas to active-duty military members.

What are the options behind payday loans in Texas

If you think payday loans in Texas aren’t suitable for you, you may try other similar alternatives. Some of them are given for a longer period while others have more beneficial conditions. Anyway, the choice is yours

  • Instant cash loans have more flexible repayment tenure compared to payday loans in Texas. However, the interest rate is much higher.
  • Cash advances for unemployed people. This is a special offer for those who don’t have official job. Each company has different terms, so it is better to contact reliable lender to discuss all the details.
  • Unsecured $4,000 loan for those who have poor credit history. Even if your credit history is spoiled, there are great chances to get cash fast using this option.
  • Credit union loans offer flexible loans of all sizes. You can repay your borrowing early or increase your repayments without any additional charges.
  • Long-term payday installment loan. You can get up to $500 in your pocket in minutes with the same interest rate as payday loans in Texas.
  • Auto title loan is suitable for those who own a vehicle. You can make a title for your car and get up to $2000. This is a great way to continue driving your car and boost your financial state of affairs.

Final word

Payday loans in Texas have their week and strong points. Carefully study them to see whether upsides can outweigh downsides before looking at other options.


  • Ability to get money as soon as one business day
  • Fast application approval and money transfer
  • Easy understand regulations, no hidden fees
  • There is no need to gather tons of papers
  • There is no need to provide any guarantee or collateral


  • Expensive APRs
  • Ability to get only small amounts
  • Extremely short terms to clear the borrowing in full

Once you decide whether this offer works for you, you will need to conduct research and find a lender you can trust. And before you sign up the agreement for payday loans in Texas, think twice whether you can afford to pay off the initial amount of money plus interest in order not to be buried under your debt payments.

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